Sunday, 31 August 2008

New Urbanity: Siza in Evora

Alvaro Siza’s project for housing in Quinta da Malagueira outside the ancient city of Evora.
Begun in 1977, the neighbourhood is an immediate product of the revolution of the carnations in 1974 and the work of SAAL. The morphology of the original Roman settlement is continued through the design of 1200 low-cost, single family units, with arcades to the public areas. Harvard University Graduate School of Design recognised the design with the award in 1988 of the Prince of Wales Prize.

These photographs will feature in the forthcoming exhibition "New Urbanity: The European City of the 21st Century" at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) showing from 5 December 2008 until 22 February 2009 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The project will be supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, Germany.
The exhibition focuses on the public space of the modern European city and its architecture.

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