Monday, 16 March 2009

Urban Absences: the rhetoric of minimal space in post-Franco Barcelona

Published in in Sally Stone and Nick Dunn (eds.) INTERVENTIONS Artemide Edizioni Rome 2006


Anonymous said...

I´ve found this article very interesting and thing that it explains perfectly the origins of this urban model in Spain, which has degenerated in what Spanish call "hard squares".

Would you please allow me to translate it and publish in my blog? I will obviously quote your name and blog.

Please answer me by here or by a email to

Kind regards

Pablo Alvarez Funes



Thankyou for the offer. I am very happy for you to translate the article. If I may I would like to include the translation here also. The article was produced for a publication celebrating a collaboration between architecture students from Barcelona and Manchester, so a Spanish translation would be highly appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Dear Eamonn:

I´ve just translated this text and published in my blog together with a personal oppinion about it.

Thank you for allowing me to publish the text. Whenever you want you can publish it in your blog.

Kind regards.

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