Sunday, 3 August 2008

Charles Barry: Royal Manchester Institution (Manchester Art Gallery), Manchester


Robert Doyle said...

Thanks for the recent series of posts on Greek Revival buildings in Liverpool and Manchester.

I'd show your picture of the Liverpool B of E dominated by that atrociously designed "citysafe HELP POINT" to a friend as evidence of the City of Culture's complete lack of any sense of visual culture.

But having just seen the shot of the Manchester Art Gallery with tram columns and stray traffic control features competing with atrociously designed banners poles erected by the Museum itself, I think that Manchester's city father should be hanging their heads in shame as well.

Eamonn Canniffe said...

The street furniture is always a problem (as well as footballers' cars in Manchester and Liverpool). I shall be posting some images from Bordeaux soon where they do things very differently.

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