Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ph.D Studentship Opportunity

Excavating the European urbanism, architecture and design of the recent past.

After the end of the history of architecture and design?

The economic slump that began in 2008 has provided the opportunity to assess critically the European urbanism, architecture and design of the two decades since the end of the Cold War.

Specific manifestations of the period include

i) ​the reconfiguration of capitals and other major cities following the raising of the Iron Curtain.
ii) The ‘peace dividend’ development of sites formerly used for military purposes and the developing phenomenon of low cost airline city tourism
iii) The ‘life style’ branding of creative centres representing the European city as a factor in cultural regeneration
iv) The property boom’s conflict with the established urban heritage

Research questions that have become apparent include:

i) ​How does the design, architecture and urbanism of this period reflect the change of political context and methods of procurement?
ii) What aesthetic responses did architects and designers make to the ideologically unchallenged condition of a Europe of competing cities?
iii) Where does this period lead in the development of urbanism, the globalisation of architectural production and the cultural impact of the design of the built environment?
iv) Are the terms ‘star designer’ and ‘iconic architecture’ defined and are they useful to characterise the period?
Proposals are invited which complement this general area of research and which will benefit from collaboration with CUBE Manchester. For this project CUBE which has a very strong national and international reputation will provide the basis of a network of architects, designers and European architecture centres to facilitate data gathering, seminars, interview and survey materials. The use of the venue for events and exhibitions during or at the conclusion of the project is also an aspect to be programmed and developed in conjunction with the candidate.


Further details on this and other studentships and application procedures are available here

Deadline 2 April 2012

Initial enquiries may be made to Eamonn Canniffe



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