Friday, 25 November 2011

Forthcoming Publication

Rome, Postmodern Narratives of a Cityscape
Editors: Dom Holdaway and Filippo Trentin

Warwick Series in the Humanities
Hb: c.256pp: 2013
978 1 84893 349 1: 234x156mm: £60.00/$99.00
  978 1 78144 000 1

Until the mid-twentieth century the Western imagination seemed intent on viewing Rome purely in terms of its Classical past or as a stop on the Grand Tour. This collection of essays looks at Rome from a postmodern perspective, including analysis of the city's 'unmappability', its unity, and its iconic status in literature and film.

Introduction – Dom Holdaway and Filippo Trentin
Part I: Knowing Rome
1 Roma intra muros, Roma extra muros – Marco Cavietti
2 'The Paradise, The Grave, The City, and The Wilderness': A Travelogue of Imagined Rome – Eamonn Canniffe
3 The Explosion of Rome in the Fragments of a Postmodern Iconography – Fabio Benincasa
Part II: Fragmented Topography
4 Topophilia and Other Roman Perversions – John David Rhodes
5 Filming on the Campidoglio – Lesley Caldwell
6 Simulacra and Deconstruction: Anachronistic Clashes Between the Classical and the Postmodern – Filippo Trentin
7 A Postmodern Gaze on the Gazometro – Keala Jewell
Part III: Situating Rome
8 Ecclesiastical Icons: Defining Rome through Architectural Exchange – James Robertson
9 Roma Interrotta, 1978–2010: A Retrospective Historical Analysis – Léa-Catherine Szacka
10 Las Vegas, by Way of Rome: The Eternal City and American Postmodernism – Richard W Hayes

This volume will gather together the presentations from the University of Warwick conference The Postmodern Palimpsest: Narrating Contemporary Rome held earlier this year. The images from my keynote paper are below.

The book may be ordered here

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