Sunday, 12 June 2011

Forgotten Spaces of Sheffield: Pigs, Bees and Bells

This project reconfigured the forgotten interstices between five layers of
urban connection, a road, a river, a tramline, a canal and an underpass.
It works within the existing conditions of contour and material to create
useful space from a fragmentary and abandoned territory. A sublime
warren of hidden rivers, looking-glass like industrial waterways, light rail
viaducts, crawling road traffic and gloomy subterranean passages requires
it's own inhabitants, the individualist and inquisitive snouts of
orchard-dwelling Gloucester Old Spots, contrasting with the 'big
society' of the floating bee hives. The industrial productivity of the space is
manifested by the casting of a carillon of bells suspended underneath the
viaduct adjacent to Granelli's sweet shop, where honey based confectionery
might be purchased. This strategy does not just reclaim the streets, it
reclaims the spaces left over after planning!

A competition entry prepared with David Britch and Stephen Martlew

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