Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Alvaro Siza: 'Bonjour Tristesse' Apartment Building, Berlin 1987

The series of Alvaro Siza posts conclude with this film produced in 2007 for MSA Field Trip Films by Romulus Sim, David Reynolds and Katie Thomas
The film has been linked and commented on as follows.
Linked from the Greek Blog http://datascape.blogspot.com/
Linked from the video site http://www.videoronk.com/
Linked from the German blog http://referendare07.blogspot.com/
Linked from the Portuguese / Swiss Blog http://paginapreta.blogspot.com/
U.S. comment "nicely done, I think siza would love it!"
Spanish comment "it is what i would have liked to do about this magic building and its story."
Iberian comment "Genial!"
Linked from the blog http://architectureinberlin.wordpress.com

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